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COMING SOON - The Mother Side of the Wake, the Laughtears.com prequel demake of 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kubrick, which probes:

"I can only regard the movie as the mechanization and distortion of this cognitive miracle by which we recreate within ourselves the exterior world. But whereas cognition provides that dance of the intellect which is the analogical sense of Being, the mechanical medium has tended to provide merely a dream world which is a substitute for reality rather than a means of proving reality." - McLuhan

"The drama of cognition itself. For it is in the drama of cognition, the stages of apprehension, that Joyce found the archetype of poetic imitation. He seems to have been the first to see that the dance of being, the nature imitated by the arts, has its primary analogue in the activity of the exterior and interior senses." - McLuhan

MOSIDE questions:
 1- When you think of your mother, what do you think of first?
2- What about you, most reflects your mother? What did you mainly get from your Mom?
3- BB King sang "Nobody loves me, but my mother, And she could be jivin' me too." Discuss a time when your mother jived you. (meaning “lie or white lie-ish”)
4- Are you happy? Do you MORE pursue happiness or meaning?
5 - Why are women more concerned about turning into their Moms than Men are? Oscar Wilde said, "All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does - that is his."
6- In general do we all become our parents no matter what? Frank Zappa said “Don’t do speed, it will turn you into your parents.”
7- What caused matriachy?
8- There is a theory. The word "mafia" begins with "ma." Women run the world, but they let men think that men run the world. Any comment. I am not saying I agree or disagree.
9- What is the most significant difference between women and men, physical aside? Why do women live longer than men?

 10- When Harold Bloom was asked "what is the most important question in life?", he said "whom you marry." Any comment.

11- What is the most important activity in life?

12- What is an important question that you asked your Mom?

13- What is a memorable fairy tale, and a song that your Mom taught you?

“For each thing manifests its mother, which thus gives the essence and the will to the form.”– The Signature of All Things by Jacob Boehme

 "Yes Mother - I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me." - Alice Walker
Question authority, But not your mother (- bumper sticker)