Infinity Focus
by Suzy Williams
Dedicated to her husband, Gerry Fialka

Your infinity focus
is some wild hocus-pocus.
It captured my heart

Your unique pixelations
are a fine concentration
of humor and art

This house of mirrors
perspective's new
and it's thrilling me
You have a video feedback
all your own

Your nouveau-gothic POV
is killing me and
Your magic lantern insight's
my new zone!

Yet, like a hand puppet shadow
your curious chiaroscuro
eclipses my mind

Your infinity focus
is some wild hocus-pocus

A toy mastermind
One of a kind
Oh what a find



Scenes from the Movie of Our Love by Suzy Williams

The California Cliffs
Ornette's riffs

The shirt I'm fondest of

The ring we bought in Deadwood, South Dakota

The Runyan Canyon rain, Lemon Lane

Twin Palms swaying above

Scenes from the Movie of Our Love


The big folk-art windmills, the sandy hills

The barn, the mourning dove

The soundtrack that we played by Nina Rota

The wild laughing sprees, the redwood trees

The zinnia and fox-glove

All Scenes from the Movie of Our Love...

B (bridge)

I have a giant screen
and a projector in my mind
These technicolor scenes
I show them all the time...

And when I need a lift

My thoughts drift

to all of the above

I'm running Scenes from the Movie of Our Love

(Solo, repeat bridge and last A)

The technicolor... Cinerama... Million Dollar.... ZeffIrelli...
Oscar-winning... Movie of Our Love.


Get Your Own Bad Habits by Suzy Williams

I went out dumpster divin'
For a good hat and a chair
but at my favorite dumpster
Your feets were in the air!

Get your own bad habits
(Your own bad habits)-response
Your own bad habits
(Your own bad habits)
Get Your Own Bad Habits
And don't be glombin' on mine!

I pick up coarse expressions
From the north, east, west and south
No sooner do I use them
Then they comin' out your mouth!


I didn't mind so much when
You picked up my brand of beer
But oh i hate to see you
swingin' on my chandelier!


I walked into my bathroom
saw your annoying grin
sitting and relaxing
in my homemade bathtub gin!


With a salt shaker I can be
Liberal to a fault
But oh it makes me sick
To watch you put some food upon your salt!


I love my troglodytion
A computer I won't touch
But your pony express snail mail
Is really all too much!

I like to eat nasturtiums
and mushrooms off the lawn
But when I went out this morning
all that good stuff was GONE!!


I love my catterwaulin'
To me it just makes sense
But this town can't handle
Two calves bellerin' on a fence!


I'm proud my songwriting
That's why I think it's mean
That your latest song title is
"Get your own dubious routine"!