Infinity Focus
by Suzy Williams
Dedicated to her husband, Gerry Fialka

Your infinity focus
is some wild hocus-pocus.
It captured my heart

Your unique pixelations
are a fine concentration
of humor and art

This house of mirrors
perspective's new
and it's thrilling me
You have a video feedback
all your own

Your nouveau-gothic POV
is killing me and
Your magic lantern insight's
my new zone!

Yet, like a hand puppet shadow
your curious chiaroscuro
eclipses my mind

Your infinity focus
is some wild hocus-pocus

A toy mastermind
One of a kind
Oh what a find



Scenes from the Movie of Our Love by Suzy Williams

The California Cliffs
Ornette's riffs

The shirt I'm fondest of

The ring we bought in Deadwood, South Dakota

The Runyan Canyon rain, Lemon Lane

Twin Palms swaying above

Scenes from the Movie of Our Love


The big folk-art windmills, the sandy hills

The barn, the mourning dove

The soundtrack that we played by Nina Rota

The wild laughing sprees, the redwood trees

The zinnia and fox-glove

All Scenes from the Movie of Our Love...

B (bridge)

I have a giant screen
and a projector in my mind
These technicolor scenes
I show them all the time...

And when I need a lift

My thoughts drift

to all of the above

I'm running Scenes from the Movie of Our Love

(Solo, repeat bridge and last A)

The technicolor... Cinerama... Million Dollar.... ZeffIrelli...
Oscar-winning... Movie of Our Love.


Get Your Own Bad Habits by Suzy Williams

I went out dumpster divin'
For a good hat and a chair
but at my favorite dumpster
Your feets were in the air!

Get your own bad habits
(Your own bad habits)-response
Your own bad habits
(Your own bad habits)
Get Your Own Bad Habits
And don't be glombin' on mine!

I pick up coarse expressions
From the north, east, west and south
No sooner do I use them
Then they comin' out your mouth!


I didn't mind so much when
You picked up my brand of beer
But oh i hate to see you
swingin' on my chandelier!


I walked into my bathroom
saw your annoying grin
sitting and relaxing
in my homemade bathtub gin!


With a salt shaker I can be
Liberal to a fault
But oh it makes me sick
To watch you put some food upon your salt!


I love my troglodytion
A computer I won't touch
But your pony express snail mail
Is really all too much!

I like to eat nasturtiums
and mushrooms off the lawn
But when I went out this morning
all that good stuff was GONE!!


I love my catterwaulin'
To me it just makes sense
But this town can't handle
Two calves bellerin' on a fence!


I'm proud my songwriting
That's why I think it's mean
That your latest song title is
"Get your own dubious routine"!


Don't Let's Start
by Suzy Williams ( copyright 2018)

"My dear, it seems we have come to a crossroads"...
Let's just not and say we did
Not be so quick to feed our id
I don't have time to flip my lid
Please, baby pleeeease??
Don't Let's Start
You know it's going to be messy
undignified and un-dressy
Don't Let's Start
Don't Let's Start
We'll be behaving so oddly
Exchanging fluids quite bodily!
Don't Lets Start!
       All that falling on the floor
       On the counter, 'gainst the door
       After that, we'll both be sore!
       Don't Let's Start!
Don't Lets Start 
It's just gonna get corny 
While that phase is so horny!
Don't Let's Start!!
(two verses instrumental, then back to bridge:)
         All those hearts and valentines 
         The "i am yours and you are mines"
         When we're apart, we'll whine and pine
         No!! Don't Lets Start!!
Don't Let's Start
We'll get too sentimental
gooey and overly gentle
Don't Lets Start!
(start to slow down, just a little next A, then more and more rubato til end)
Don't Let's Start!
We'll go way past fraternal
I'm afraid it might get eternal
Because this might last forever
We'll never say "Never say never"
Don't Let's Start
     and lookout, when we're old and grey
     in each other's face all day
     to care and keep the blues away
Don't Let's Start!

w: Suzy Williams m: Suzy Williams and Harry Delighter c 2007

My Attitude Is gratitude
And here's the reason why:
Once I couldn't see a moonbow or a sunset sky
But now my eyes are open 
And I can finally see
And life's become so precious to me
The burning fire that I've been thru
has made me who I am 
So i say "Bravo, Bravo Bravo!"
I have learned by getting burned just how to give a damn
Saying "Bravo, Bravo, Bravo"
(instrumental on A section, then repeat  bridge)

Bravo to the Universe for making it worthwhile
Praises to the wisdom that has taught me how to smile
Opened up, I fill my cup
Toasting "Thank you, Ma'am"
Bravo Bravo Bravo
Bravo....Bravo... Bravo.

The Suicide Tree c. 2016 by Suzy Williams

I know this tree
I call it my Suicide Tree
It grows in my neighbor's garden
This crazy tree
I bears such beautiful fruit
Ah, but her bounty is her burden
For then, her branches crack
She breaks her very back
It seems she's trying  to die by giving!

I know this race
I call it my suicide race
It's racing  towards its ending
This crazy race
 It blights the beautiful face 
of the earth, which so needs mending
Depletion, devastation on lands and seas
Our population is a disease
We seal our fate the way we're living!

Can't we just slow down
and have one kid or less
It could be so simple 
to get out of the mess...

(full chorus instrumental)

I know this...tree.

Everyone Dies by Suzy Williams c. 2011

Everyone Dies
Yes, Everyone Dies
We all oughta that we all gotta go
Ah, but here is what gives:
Not everyone lives.

Some live so small
They give nothing at all
But some give too much and they start to lose touch 
And they lose all their pride
and shrivel inside.

But you have lived so large, so deep, so beautiful
You've savored all the luck that's come your way
You made it all so bountiful, not dutiful
and held so many in your charming sway
Yes, baby

Everyone Dies
That's right, Everyone dies
It's all of our fate, but before it's too late
Let it be no surprise
That this is what gives:

My Lover Has Many Faces by Suzy Williams  c 2015

My lover is so mean to me
My lover is a saint
He's straighter than an arrow
He's hip and likes to paint
And when he starts to loving me 
he almost makes me faint!
My Lover Has Many Faces

My Lover is a Russian Jew
A german architect
A curly, red-haired Scotchman 
with a mole upon his neck
His skin was nearly ebony 
the last time that I checked
My Lover Has Many Faces
Well, they have a name for girls like me
Yes it starts with "s" and ends with "t"
Another hint: It rhymes with "butt"
I'm in a kind of deer-like rut!

My Lover is a scientist
He lectures on James Joyce
A piano player, a chauffeur
who drives a big Rolls Royce
I love these men, ah but last week
A woman was my choice
My Lover Has Many Faces
( 2nd bridge0
Oh, like Willie Nelson sang before
Here's to those who've traveled thru my door
Another toast...(and this is sweet!)
Here's to the face I've yet to meet!

In my  imaginary wallet
(by my imaginary glove)
There's a composite photograph 
of all the ones I love
It's wild, it's prismatic
and it's you I just thought of!
My Lover Has Many Faces (3x)

Goin' to the Desert by Suzy Williams c 2016

I'm Goin' to the Desert
There's something I must find
I'm Goin' to the Desert 
Lose my mind
Lose my mind 
Find my heart 
Find my heart
Lose my mind 
Lose my mind
And find my heart

I'm goin' to the forest
I've got to make a start
I'm goin' to redwood forest
Find my heart
Find my heart
Lose my mind 
Lose my mind 
Find my heart
Find my heart...
And lose my mind
Got to get me gone and I have got to make it soon
Got to do some hight and holy howlin' at the moon
Did I lose my baby?
Is this a bad dream?
Got to wash my soul clean in a mountain stream!!

I'm goin' to the mountain
As high as I can climb
I'm goin' to the top o' the mountain 
Lose my mind
Lose my mind
Find my heart
Find my heart
Lose my mind
Lose my mind....
And find my heart!

Comprendo Compadre
by Suzy Williams c 2012

Seems I always see you joking 
Laughing ,winking, drinking, smoking
Cutting up... wild, to beat the band
But behind that wall of flirting 
is a guy  i know is hurting 
And I'm here to say I understand
Comprendo  Compadre
Compriendo, Companero
Comprendo Compadre
Yo seo y veo
Tu alma que fue lastimada 
y el camino triste caminada
Como que siento tu dolor!

Life is complex and uncertain
The Muses raise and close the curtain 
And I see the troubles in your heart
Understand that while you're in it 
I'm aware that every minute 
You take on the battle with an Art!!

 (repeat chorus 2x)

You Don't Have to Suffer by Suzy  Williams c 2012

You Don't Have to Suffer 
You Don'tHave to Suffer
But you do have to Wise up
You' to rise up
or else you will suffer

You don't have to crash up\
You won't have to smash up
But you do have to fly right
Fly...up int he sky right 
Or else you will suffer
Just who' manning  the boat?
Who is there at the wheel?
It's not too late to moderate and cut yourself a righteous deal!

Don't make it harder 
Don't be a martyr
But you do have to smart up
You know you can start up
Or else you will suffer! 
(and You Don't Have to Suffer)

Everything's Normal in Venice by Suzy Williams

The man who jumps and jingles when he walks
The woman with the parrot on her shoulder that talks
There's no wrist watches and fewer clocks
Everything's Normal in Venice

The kids with the doo-rags on they heads
The little old lady roller-blading in dreads
They sing for their supper if they ain't got bread
Everything's Normal in Venice

    Free Speech, walk streets, bop treats, palm trees
    Pretty little bungalows
    On the canals, there are families
    Wiggling their webbily toes

Heady poets speaking in prose
Bougainvillea on a street named Rose
A big drum circle with optional clothes!
Everything's Normal in Venice
(repeat bridge)
Mural artists painting the town 
And because of an herb that's been passin' around
The big red sun sinks upside-down
It happens every day
In Venice of America...
It''s all...O...K...!
Everything's Normal in Venice

You can find the song @ SUZYWILLIAMS.BANDCAMP.COM
and on the SUZY WILLIAMS cd "Music in the First Degree" 

by Suzy Williams & Brad Kay
words by Suzy Williams 3/24/2020

Let’s Pull Together and Stand Apart 
Let’s do our huggin’ just from the heart
Let's put a mask on and do our part! 
Let’s Pull Together and Stand - - - - Apart.  
We’ve gotta flatten this doggone curve 
Six feet of distance takes some reserve 
Call up your people, and that will serve    
We’ve gotta flatten the dog - - - - gone curve.
Virtual virtue …  is the order of the day  
Let’s do our FaceTime here on face-book  
Instagram, Marco Polo, and Zoom– OK? 

Show solidarity to hospital staff, 
Knockin’ themselves out on our behalf  
When this is over, we’ll live to laugh! 
Let’s pull together and stand --- 
Then we’ll resume what we planned – 
That will be so frickin’ grand!      
Let’s Pull Together and Stand - - - Apart!

The Art of the Wasted Day
by Suzy Williams (April 2018)
Title inspired by Patricia Hampl

I'm gonna scrap my to-do list
Throw my ambitions away
Be like an old-fashioned Buddhist
with The Art of the Wasted Day.

Viewing the flora and cactus
Watch the leaves blow where they may
Here I am, learning to practice
The Art of the Wasted Day

Staring out the window with my cheek upon the sill
Everything is so alive, yet every thing is still
 Sweetness seems to pour in me...lovely, light and deep
Think I'll take a walk... then I'll get some sleep

Not so much forget as forgiving
Relationships lay where they lay 
Instead of the battle, I'm living
The Art of the Wasted Day
The Art...of the Wasted...Day.

ARMCHAIR ADVENTURE by Suzy Williams (2020) (COVID19 version)

Honey, let's face it, we're stuck!
With this virus, we're plumb outta luck
Cause all of our plans to see foreign lands
Were great, but the world's gone amok
Yet settled right here on you lap...I can be anywhere on the map!

Golden sands and pounding surf is ours
Here in our Armchair Adventure
A navigation all around the stars
Right here, nestled in your arms

Lambs and goats dot Grecian countryside 
Here in our Armchair Adventure
A Canadian transcontinental ride
Here, brought on by your charms.
We'll see New York in 1953
Hollywood in 1927
All we need is a book for you to read 
To me, to be in Armchair Heaven!

The lights are low, but oh, the mood is high
Here in our Armchair Adventure
We'll let our own imagination fly
From the Grand Canyon to Everest!
The Adventurer and his Adventuress
In their co-zy Arm-chair nest

MUSICAL CHAIRS - Suzy Williams - May 1, 2020
Suzy - music, lyrics. Brad Kay - piano arrangement

You’re bubblin’ along, singing your song 
Or your hat’s in your hand, or you’re putting on airs. 
But your bubble may pop when the music says “Stop”  
You’re in a strange game of Musical Chairs  

Musical Chairs Musical Chairs 
He started the game without any cares 
Now no stimulus check, while the neighbors got theirs 
He’s stuck in a world of Musical Chairs.  

Round and round the days we go 
In a mansion with paints and easel 
Or in a room broke, with four kids in tow 
Pop! Goes the Weasel …  

Bougainvillea and booze, shake it, don’t stir 
Shelter in place was easy for her
She landed in one of her luxury lairs 
She’s winning the game of Musical Chairs.

15 hours straight in a hazmat gown and gloves 
People are dying, he’s all out of prayers 
How long will this last, when will it be past?
He’s sick of this game of Musical Chairs 

But watch out  - you’ve got more than the flu 
And the chair is pulled out from under you 
You’re a loser
In the game of Musical Chairs  

By Suzy Williams 8-13-18
Take a book from the shelf 
Take some time for yourself
Go get out where the breezes play 
So get into the swing 
Of that comfortable sling   
On A Very Hammocky Day
Let your troubles subside 
All your chores, let‘em slide
Let your psyche get into the sway  
Of that coddling canoe 
Where daydreams accrue 
On A Very Hammocky Day
Forget that Sword of Damocles
You thought was over your head 
Let a lovely hammock ease 
And put that illusion to bed   
Life need not be so cruel
With a drink that is cool 
And a bed of fine cord or chambray 
So be like a sloth
Get into that cloth 
On A Very Hammocky Day