The Brother Side of the Wake (BroSide)  Please join us:

***March 10, 2019 Sunday (doors=7pm, film=7:30pm) The Brother Side of the Wake test screening at Torn Page Studio, 435 w.22nd St. NY, NY, free admission, 

***March 23, 2019 Sat - 7pm The Brother Side of the Wake test screening at The Pickle Fort, 1141 Hermitage SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506, 616-753-8381, FREE ADMISSION More info:

***March 24, 2019 Sunday The Brother Side of the Wake test screening at Bill Meyer's at 3016 Trowbridge, Hamtramck, MI 48212  (313) 207-3904 FREE ADMISSION 5:00pm=Doors open & potluck, 6pm=Screening, 8pm=jazz film, More info:  Facebook=

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BroSide is a new experimental documentary about the people of Venice, California. It probes the question that Orson Welles explores in The Other Side of the Wind: "Is the journey more important than the destination?" 
By evoking the comedies of The Little Rascals, BroSide conjures the playful and psychic effects of direct cinema, abstract animation, and films within films. As directed by Gerry Fialka,BroSide is a "living organism" that involves audiences in the call-and-response ritual, much like a communal, out-loud reading of James Joyce's Finnegans WakeBroSide empowers the audience to have fun, and inspires new questions.

BroSide was made in various formats including 16mm, Super 8mm, Pixelvision, digital video, cell phones and hand-painted celluloid. The imaginative soundtrack merges binaural beats, and Vaporwave into jazz-funk-blues-classical music-scapes. Bruno Kohfield-Galeano's stroboscopic cinematography and hypnotic editing propels the viewer onto an immersive magic carpet ride. You will see what you are looking for.
 Featuring the people of the Venice Boardwalk, Treeman, Jen the Hooper, DeDe Audet, Solomon Snakeman, Joe the Limo Driver, Suzy Williams, Brad Kay, Alita Arose, Dave Healey and Jeff Michalski.

Richard Modiano, poet and Executive Director of Beyond Baroque Foundation, declared: "Terrific BroSide trailer. Chris Burden redux, by which I mean that while watching a late night movie on TV in the 1970s one of the commercials was by Chris Burden, not publicizing any product, but making a statement about art that was totally avant garde. I thought I was dreaming, but sure enough it was real, and BroSide brings it up to date."

In presenting Venetians, BroSide adapts and modernizes techniques of  "Live Cinema":  When the image of the protagonist is talking on screen, the audience also notices that a live human being approaches the screen and turns to face the film-goers. When the onscreen character speaks, their live “double” turns and reacts, speaking a line. This dialogue occurs between two versions of the same person. Inner dialogue is outed, in a stimulating multi-media mash-up, merging reel time and real time.  With this approach, Broside creatively adapts the vaudevillian and subversive art traditions of Winsor McCay, Buster Keaton, Luis Bunuel, Pat Oleszko, and Pixelator Denny Monayhan (aka King Kukulele). 

As well, this anxiety of influence resonants with Orson Welles, who punctuated performances with cinematic vignettes one year before Finnegans Wake was published. Welles attempted to combine drama and film sequentially in his 1938 movie Too Much Johnson, the stage production of William Gillette's 1894 comedy.

The inspiration of Broside remains people's irreducible "all-aroundness" and "insideness." As D.H. Lawrence wrote in admiration of Cezanne's paintings, "It's the appleyness, which carries with it the feeling of knowing the other side as well, the side you don't see. . . The eye sees only fronts, and the mind, on the whole is satisfied with fronts. But intuition needs all-aroundness, and instincts needs insideness. The true imagination is forever curving round to the other side, the back of presented appearances."  
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"Oh my god, I love it. It’s the perfect preview because I am not exactly sure what will come next, but sure as hell, I wanna see it. Also, this is SO INFORMATIVELY complex and intricate. My mind is a buzz. When will the finished version be out?"  - Evan Meaney

COMING SOON - The Mother Side of the Wake, the prequel demake of 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kubrick. Visit:

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Please join us 
August 9, 2018 Thursday 8pm (doors open 7:30) The Brother Side of the Wake test screening 
at ECHO PARK FILM CENTER 1200 N. Alvarado St, LA, CA 90026 213-484-8846, $5  

The Brother Side of the Wake (BroSide) is Gerry Fialka's experimental documentary with Venice, California, as its main character. A remake of the soon-to-be-released Orson Welles film The Other Side of the Wind, it evokes the rascality of the Our Gang comedies, and it probes the cliché: "Is the journey more important than the destination?" 

BroSide wakes up the psychic effects of direct cinema, abstract animation, and films about films. It was shot in various formats including Super 8mm, Pixelvision, digital video, cell phone and hand-painted celluloid. Now in its third test screening, BroSide will involve the audience in call-and-responses, much like a community, out-loud reading of James Joyce's Finnegans WakeBroSide can empower the audience to go out, have fun, and do their own thing. 

"Film historian Fialka's first feature is a faux faux 'lemon' of a movie. His lifelong studies has enabled him to find the 'loopholes' leaking out of the mainstream. BroSide is not released. It has escaped." - Hank Rosenfeld, author/folk journalist

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss your seven-cent nickel good-bye.

David Lynch: “There's this ravine and you've got to build a bridge to the other side, and the bridge is the scene you're going to shoot."

Dave Healey photographer and Boardwalk artist

Jen the Hopper