"Super Nova Nudge's psychedelic sonic probe into Finnegans Wake is a phonetic phantasmagorical journey in the dream theater of todayness." -Rondo Pandit

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From: Joseph Weidinger <jsphweid@gmail.com>
and: Gerry Fialka <pfsuzy@aol.com>; 


SUPER NOVA NUDGE (snn) is the avant funk improv duo of Weidinger and Fialka  Imfm2rSuCs and Fun Funk Key and Aqua Sonica

Gerry Fialka, artist, writer, and filmmaker, lectures world-wide on experimental film, avant-garde art and subversive social media. He has curated three film series in LA for over three decades. His Marshall McLuhan - Finnegans Wake Reading Club has probed Joyce for two decades. Fialka has been praised by the Los Angeles Times as "the multi-media Renaissance man." The LA Weekly proclaimed him "a cultural revolutionary." He may contradict himself as to not conform to his own ideas. https://laughtears.com/ and  https://venicewake.wordpress.com/ and 310 306 7330 and pfsuzy@aol.com  andhttps://laughtears.com/wakedreamawake.html
Joseph WeidingerPizza Maker Extraordinaire at Shakespeare's Downtown. That's where I make most of my dough. It's not ideal but it'll do for now. Also: church organist / pianist; music engraver; self-described efficiency fanatic; Joel Salatin wannabe; interviewer of awesome people; host of jams, salons, new music reading, recording sessions, and other events where I overwhelm people with homemade pizza, smoothies, soups, and sourdough bread; Gerry Fialka clone; developer of software and the web; music composer and songwriter wannabe; backyard chicken enthusiast; boring uncle; and class clown in the school of hard knocks. http://www.josephweidinger.com/ and jsphweid@gmail.com
"I am boring through a mountain from 2 sides. The question is, how to meet in the middle."- James Joyce
"That's a very good question. I would not like to ruin it with an answer." - John Cage.
"Everything we do is music." - John Cage.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6edAkBB5II Fun Funk Key
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHq3XkqwsFU Imfm2rSuCs