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Suzy Williams and Gerry Fialka

Brad Kay & Suzy Williams: by David Healey
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Suzy: by Kristy Campbell
Gerry Fialka: by David Healey
Gerry Fialka and the PXL-2000 Fisher Price Toy Video Camera: by Alfred Benjamin


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Ongoing Events

7 Dudley Cinema - Fourth Sundays at Beyond Baroque 7-10pm
Documental - TBA
MESS Interviews - RSVP 310-306-7330 for details
McLuhan-Joyce - First Tuesdays at MDRey Library 6-8pm
MOM - 3rd Weds Media Fun at Beyond Baroque 6-9pm
Subversive Cinema - Select Sundays 7-10pm
Jazz Funk Fest - TBA - Venice Life Article
FJJ (Free Jazz Jubilee) - explores sonic experiments and free improvised live music. Laughtears Salon


Beyond Baroque - 681 Venice Blvd, Venice CA 90291 310-822-3006
Unurban - 3301 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90401 310-315-0056
Marina del Rey Library - 4533 Admirality Way, Marina del Rey CA 90292 310-821-3415

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Suzy Williams

Suzy Williams by Leland Auslender

Suzy's biography and Wikipedia Page - Check out her facehook pages and/or the calendar at the very top for upcoming events. Check out collaborations:

Check out Suzy's album "Enjoy the Ride!" Suzy on Suzy does Christmas music!

More press ready pictures available here:

From Suzy: "Here are some of my charts & lyrics":

From Suzy: "Here are some of my favorite video performances":

The Lit Show

In her annual celebration of song and literature, LA's Diva Deluxe SUZY WILLIAMS & Brad Kay perform songs based on words by Kurt Vonnegut, Edna St Vincent Millay, J.D. Salinger, Samuel Beckett, Raymond Chandler, Truman Capote, Vladimir Nabokov, Rudyard Kipling and more at Beyond Baroque. Dorothy Parker wrote a song that Billie Holiday sang. Tennessee Williams wrote a song that Marlon Brando sang as a rambling troubadour in The Fugitive Kind. Lonely House was written by Kurt Weill and Langston Hughes. Jack Kerouac & Allen Ginsberg wrote Pull My Daisy with David Amram. You've read the book, now hear the song.

PXL THIS Film Festival

The annual toy camera film festival featuring Pixelvision films made with the Fisher-Price PXL-2000 camcorder

Latest: PXL THIS 30

Other sites: Blogspot - Google Sites - Youtube - PXL THIS archive - Will Erokan

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Gerry Lectures / Workshops / Screenings

Workshops Summary - List 1 - List 2 - List 3 - List 4 - List 5 - List 6 - List 7 - List 8 - Upon reading these workshop descriptions, LA Weekly Art critic Doug Harvey declared that Fialka should have his whole own department at Cal Arts. Fialka has lectured on Music at USC, James Joyce & experimental film at San Francisco Cinematheque, Advertising as Art at New England Institute of Art, Pixelvision at MIT & several UK venues, The Art of Fakery in Documentary Filmmaking at SF's Academy of Art & New Zealand's Massey University, McLuhan's Percepts at UC Davis Technocultural Studies (Jesse Drew & Craig Baldwin), Culture Jamming at Flint Institute of Arts, Finnegans Wake at UC Berkeley, various subjects at numerous Ann Arbor Film Festivals and many more. Read accolades at these links. Inquire about Fialka's "Who Knew Genres" study program. What the programmers and participants are saying about Gerry Fialka

DREAM AWAKE - James Joyce & Experimental Film Screening/Workshop MORE , REVIEWS & FOLLOW-UP

Experimental Film as Psychogeography

HandOut Flyers - QuoteFlyers

"Live Cinema As Live Cinema" research, essay, workshop

Figure Finnegan As Play Ground: Rethinking Figure-Ground Perception MEA 2109

Ugliness as Therapy - essay, workshop

Zappatista Zeitgeist - essay & research

Crackheadbarney on the Venice Boardwalk - essay & workshop


Sunny War

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