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I suggest Frank Zappa as a hologram in the middle of the stage, with Dweezil's band on one side and Ahmet's band on the other side. Retrieving the El Monte Legion Stadium shows, this would enable the bands to aspire pushing their musical and humor excellence more. 

Tommy Mars told me, "This match-up might be helpful to increase the desire for superiority in musical creativity. That engagement could spawn an unimagined Zappatic propagation." 

Also, the hologram show could vary FZ's taped involvement by switching his musical input every night, every show. There's lot to choose from. And don't tell the humans on stage. It will require an essential part of music, that is "listening."

I welcome your input.
Thank you, Gerry Fialka 310-306-7330 

Zappatistas As Technology - Fialka's fun interactive "playshop" interconnects people influenced by Frank Zappa and the systematic treatment of art. McLuhan examined how humans extend themselves with their inventions.

Zapatista soldiers would serve for several months at a time. When they returned home, they would spend most of the year farming.

FZ discussed the holographic process in his book and in a live concert setting. I heard that Stockhausen was the first composer to use "prerecorded tape in live performance" in 1962. Or was it in 1924 when Ottorino Respighi used prerecorded tape in live performance in his symphonic poem Pines of Rome? Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry are considered to be the foremost pioneers in the field of ‘musique concrète’, a method of composition in which pieces of recorded sounds (most often naturally occurring ones, rather than synthetic) are arranged into new musical contexts. John Cage used pre-recorded sound technology as a “human” performance medium

Does this sound like variations on a theme? Frank Zappa was on the Steve Allen TV show playing a bicycle along with prerecorded tape on March 3, 1963

Essentially is the FZ hologram tour a form of prerecorded with live music?

Here's Frank Zappa in CREEM magazine, December 1974: "Frank Zappa is the guy who makes those albums. But there's another Frank Zappa, who is crazy and you don't really know about. Information on his identity will contribute towards no useful function in contemporary society." 

Frank questions:

And what, might you ask, is a TREND MONGER?    "Who are the brain police?"    "What is beyond love?"    "What is your Conceptual Continuity?"   "Shall we take ourselves seriously?"   "Is there anything good inside of you?"   "Do you really think it can be told?"   "Who could imagine?"   "Ever take a minute just to show a real emotion?"   "What can I say about this elixir?"

There is an ocean of more questions that Frank yelped that we can re-invent. Let's discover news questions...since "The ocean is the ultimate solution" - Zappa. "An ocean is forever asking questions and writing them aloud along the shore." - Edward Arlington Robinson.  Yes, you can do it. McLuhan reworded Plato's "Necessity is the mother of invention" to "Invention is the mother of necessities." And Arnold Schoenberg quipped, "Art does not arise out of ability but rather out of necessity."

"I wouldn't be seen dead with a living work of art." - Museum curator.

"Will it be an event about a fake original or original fake?" - Peter Greenaway.

I welcome your new questions. Thank you, Gerry Fialka 310-306-7330 

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