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Gerry Fialka & Suzy Williams in New York City - 310-306-7330

***March 7 - Thurs from 6 to 8pm Gerry Fialka workshop at NYU (details follow)

***March 9, SAT (doors=7:30pm, concert=8pm) SUZY WILLIAMS Jazz Concert with RICH JENKINS in NYC (upper west side) at
Suzy is known for her "enormously amusing, endearing presence ... with tough, belting authority" (John Rockwell, New York Times) as well as her voice that is “vibrant and lusty ... great gusto and bold emotion" (Nat Hentoff, Cosmopolitan) and her "energy must be seen to be believed ... a natural performer" (Robert Palmer, New York Times). 
***March 10, Sunday (doors=7pm, film=7:30pm) )The Brother Side of the Wake test screening at Torn Page Studio, 435 W 22 St. NY, NY, free admission,

Watch one minute BroSide preview

BroSide is a new experimental documentary about the people of Venice, California. It probes the question that Orson Welles explores in The Other Side of the Wind: "Is the journey more important than the destination?" 

By evoking the comedies of The Little Rascals, BroSide conjures the playful and psychic effects of direct cinema, abstract animation, and films within films. As directed by Gerry Fialka, BroSide is a "living organism" that involves audiences in the call-and-response ritual, much like a communal, out-loud reading of James Joyce's Finnegans WakeBroSide empowers the audience to have fun, and inspires new questions. BroSide was made in various formats including 16mm, Super 8mm, Pixelvision, digital video, cell phones and hand-painted celluloid. The imaginative soundtrack merges binaural beats, and Vaporwave into jazz-funk-blues-classical music-scapes. Bruno Kohfield-Galeano's stroboscopic cinematography and hypnotic editing propels the viewer onto an immersive magic carpet ride. 

You see what you are look for

Featuring the people of the Venice Boardwalk, Treeman, Jen the Hooper, DeDe Audet, Solomon Snakeman, Joe the Limo Driver, Suzy Williams, Brad Kay, Alita Arose, Dave Healey and Jeff Michalski.


March 7 Thurs from 6 to 8pm:
Film Can't Kill You But Why Take A Chance - Gerry Fialka's fun interactive workshop probes the hidden psychic effects of filmmaking. at NYU Production Lab, 16 Washington Place, NYC 10003, free 
Delve into Marshall McLuhan's translation of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake to uncover the invisible environments of "live cinema," video game skin, post mumble rap, data mining, holograms, AI and more. Participants will explore what shapes our behavior and the sensory simultaneity of interconnections between AI (artificial intelligence) and McLuhan's IA (integral awareness), which is the flip of AI in passing through the vanishing point when seeing oneself both as oneself and as the other.  Related article -

"How about technologies as the collective unconscious and art as the collective unconsciousness?” - McLuhan, who quipped "We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.". . . "and then our tools ape us." Marshall considered that cinema extends the foot. Most would say the eye or memory.  "I remember the images I filmed. They have substituted themselves for my memory," wrote Chris Marker, who also said "I betrayed Gutenberg for McLuhan long ago." Participants will engage in eye contact and verbal exchange to probe McLuhan's percepts and new metaphors.

Is the medium is rebelling against the message?

Is the most human thing about us our technologies?

"Thanks to Gerry for pulling us into such a lively and interesting conversation. It was certainly unexpected but refreshing to talk about subjects I hadn’t thought deeply about. I enjoyed the format of the discussion and especially the way he allowed people the power to say they “don’t know” an answer. I certainly was inspired to think about certain topics more: coping, the concept of double bind, inventions and the rules around them, effects preceding causes and McLuhan's tetrad." - Josh Corn, School of Visual Arts, NYC, who attended Fialka's Pokemon Go As Experimental Film at NYU 2016.

GERRY FIALKA: Artist, writer, and paramedia ecologist lectures world-wide on experimental film, avant-garde art and subversive social media. Fialka has been praised by the Los Angeles Times as "the multi-media Renaissance man." The LA Weekly proclaimed him "a cultural revolutionary." "Gerry Fialka is a meteor shower in the contemporary media arts discourse." - Filmmaker Craig Baldwin. Gerry's new book Strange Questions: Experimental Film as Conversation is due soon. 
See clips of his new feature film The Brother Side of the Wake (BroSideat
and FREE SCREENINGS in Michigan March 23 & 24
***June 27-30 Gerry Fialka presents AI as IA (Artificial Intelligence as McLuhan's IA=Integral Awareness) at "Media Ethics: Human Ecology in a Connected World" 20th annual convention of the Media Ecology Association, Toronto,