Gerry Fialka
Suzy Williams
GERRY FIALKA by David Healey

GERRY FIALKA and the PXL-2000 Fisher Price Toy Video Camera by Alfred Benjamin


Suzy- by Kristy Campbell

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March EVENTS -
March 10, TUES, 8pm  Suzy and Her Solid Senders  at TYPHOON at the Santa Monica Airport 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South, Santa Monica, CA 90405,  310-390-6565 , $10   (with special vocal group - Kahlil Sabbagh's THE JAZZ CATS)

March 14, SAT, 4pm: MESS–Political Author Dave McGowan interview at  unurban 3301 pico blvd free 
March 15, SUN 10am-1pm-The Backboners Santa Monica Farmers Market Ocean Park & Main St, free
March 18, Wed, 7-10pm: MOM- MEDIA DISCUSSION at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd venice ca free
 March 18 - April 2 Gerry events in Michigan
 3-21=Flint, 3-22=Hamtramack, 3-26=Ann Arbor Film Festival, 3-30=Detroit,  3-31=Saginaw, 4-1=Ann Arbor-Crazy Wisdom Bookstore 
March 22 SUN 7pm 7 Dudley Cinema POLITICAL ACTIVISTS FILMS at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd FREE

March 29 SUN, 8:30pm SUZY WILLIAMS jazz & blues Cinema Bar 3967 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver city 90230 310-390-1328 free
April 7, TUES 6-8pm: McLuhan-Finnegans Wake Reading Club MDR library 4533 admirality way

April 11, SAT, 4pm: MESS –  Noted cartoonist/writer  ANTHONY MOSTROM interview at unurban 3301 pico blvd free 

April 13, Mon, 6-10pm DOCUMENTAL - Philosophy Films - from Zen to Gurdjieff  at unurban 3301 pico blvd free  
April 15, Wed, 7-10pm: MOM- MEDIA DISCUSSION at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd venice ca free
April 18 - Don't Even Look At It - RIA LIVE CINEMA at 8pm at  8604 South Broadway LA CA 90003   Gerry Fialka & Will Erokan perform moving image art (multi-projection), music, spoken word and psychedelic phantasmagoRIA as Resonant Interval Algorythmns (Our Eye Aye) transcendently trip the light fantastic. HACK YOUR OWN BRAIN. FACEBOOK =

April 25, SAT - from 7-10pm JAZZ FUNK FEST at unurban 3301 pico blvd santa monica ca free  &

April 26, SUN, 7pm 7 Dudley Cinema  LET'S OWN IT!: The Struggle of the Lincoln Place Tenants Association   (1998, 31 minutes) Karen Brodkin's (in person) inspired film on Venice activism. Followed by rare film on Los Angeles architecture at 8pm.  Free, donations appreciated.

MAY events 
May 5 Tues 6pm McLuhan-Finnegans Wake Reading Club MDR library 4533 admirality way MDRey

May 9, SAT, 4pm: MESS Noted musician DAVID OCKER interview unurban 3301 pico blvd free   
May 10 SUN 7pm Experimental FILMS at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd FREE  
May 17 SUN 7pm DANCE THE LIGHT FANTASTIC -Avant garde DANCE & FILMS at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd FREE 
May 20, Wed, 7-10pm: MOM- MEDIA DISCUSSION at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd venice ca  

May 21, THURS 8pm PXL THIS 24 toy camera film fest at 1200 N Alvarado St LA 90026 213-484 8846

May 24 SUN 7pm Folk-Rock FILMS at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd FREE

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FREE Monthly Cultural Events  310-306-7330

7 Dudley Cinema - Fourth Sundays at Beyond Baroque 7-10pm
Documental - Select Mondays at Unurban 6-10pm
MESS Interviews - 2nd Saturdays at Unurban 4-6pm
Suzy Williams - 2nd Weds at Dannys 7-10pm
McLuhan-Joyce - First Tuesdays at MDRey Library 6-8pm
MOM - 3rd Weds Media Fun at Beyond Baroque 7-10pm 
Subversive CInema - Select Sundays 7-10pm

Jazz Funk Fest - 4th Saturdays (every other) at Unurban 7pm

3301 pico blvd santa monica ca 90401 310-315-0056
  marina del rey Library 4533 admirality way MDRey ca 90292 310-821-3415
dannys 23 windward av venice ca 90291 310-566-5610
beyond baroque 681 venice blvd venice ca 90291 310-822-3006



7 Dudley Cinema - updates - archives - Monthly Venice film series at  (ABOUT US) (Link to the original 81x site for 7 Dudley Cinema)


JAZZ FUNK FEST   Dec29, 2014 and Feb28, April25, June27, Aug22, Oct24, Dec26, 2015 at Unurban  & ;&

Jazz Funk Fest "Venice Life" 8-13 article HERE


Workshops by Fialka: List One --- List Two --- List Three --- List Four--- List Five --- List Six ---Workshops Summary - Upon reading these workshop descriptions, LA Weekly Art critic Doug Harvey declared that Fialka should have his whole own department at Cal Arts. Fialka has lectured on Music at USC, James Joyce & experimental film at San Francisco Cinematheque, Advertising as Art at New England Institute of Art, Pixelvision at MIT & several UK venues, The Art of Fakery in Documentary Filmmaking at SF's Academy of Art & New Zealand's Massey University, McLuhan's Percepts at UC Davis Technocultural Studies (Jesse Drew & Craig Baldwin), Culture Jamming at Flint Institute of Arts, Finnegans Wake at UC Berkeley, various subjects at numerous Ann Arbor Film Festivals and many more. Read accolades at these links. Inquire about Fialka's "Who Knew Genres" study program. Fialka's BIO
What the programmers and participants are saying about Gerry Fialka


DOCUMENTAL - updates - archives - Santa Monica ongoing film series at the Unurban Coffee House, Santa Monica


Beyond Baroque Events 681 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, 310-822-3006, Monthly Films, monthly MOM discussion group, The Lit Show and more


SUBVERSIVE CINEMA screens experimental films to political activist cinema to lit, art, music flix to avant garde documentaries

Suzy Williams by Leland Auslender

Suzy Williams - LA's Diva Deluxe - upcoming shows, info 310-306-7330

***Second Wednesdays from 7:00-10:00pm at Danny's, 23 Windward Av, Venice CA 90291, 310-566-5610 free admission

***Upcoming shows with Suzy and Steve Weisberg TBA (call 310-306-7330 to confirm)

***Suzy & Her Solid Senders (Suzy's bio at this link) - shows TBA, check calendar and/or please friend Suzy on facehook -

*** Stormin' Norman & Suzy - East Coast Shows - info from,

***Suzy CD "Enjoy the Ride" available from here and read All About Jazz rave-

*** The Backboners  CD available

***Suzy & Brad Kay do BESSIE SMITH -   

***The Off Their Jingle Bell Rockers (with Suzy Williams) available for all your Seasonal Caroling needs 

COVER ME -new original song by SUZY
MORE new songs

Suzy & Brad in SF Oct 2010

More press ready (hi-res) stills at Suzy Williams' other web sites - ---  --- 

Suzy WIlliams' new CD available from HERE

click HERE for hi-res ver for print and publication

SUZY WILLIAMS - THE LIT SHOW In her annual celebration of song and literature, LA's Diva Deluxe SUZY WILLIAMS & Brad Kay perform songs based on words by Kurt Vonnegut, Edna St Vincent Millay, J.D. Salinger, Samuel Beckett, Raymond Chandler, Truman Capote, Vladimir Nabokov, Rudyard Kipling and more. Dorothy Parker wrote a song that Billie Holiday sang. Tennessee Williams wrote a song that Marlon Brando sang as a rambling troubadour in The Fugitive Kind. Lonely House was written by Kurt Weill and Langston Hughes. Jack Kerouac & Allen Ginsberg wrote Pull My Daisy with David Amram. You've read the book, now hear the song. Beyond Baroque


MESS - archives- (Media Ecology Soul Sessions)

GERRY FIALKA's INTERVIEWS have been one-on-one and before live audiences (as in the MESS Series) since the mid-70's. "Fialka's cool questions are right at the heart of all my work. By far the best interview I have ever been treated to." - Ondi Timoner, only two time Sundance Grand Jury winner. Read Ondi's interview here.

Gerry Fialka - George Clinton Interview - Flipside No. 99 - Dec'95-Jan'96


ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL History Book Project & Workshops

Gerry Fialka's essay in the program for The 50th Ann Arbor Film Festival - 2012

PXL THIS 18 - toy camera film festival

PXL THIS 19 - toy camera film festival- deadline for entry Oct 22, premiere screening Dec 7, 2009 - Toy Camera Fisher Price PXL-2000 Pixelvision Film Festival.

PXL THIS sites: and and
and past festivals at

PXL THIS 20, the 20th annual toy camera film festival featuring Pixelvision films made with the Fisher-Price PXL-2000 camcorder.

PXL THIS 21, the 21st annual toy camera film festival

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl welcoming letter for PXL THIS 21 HERE

PXL THIS 22, the 22nd annual toy camera film festival featuring Pixelvision films made with the Fisher-Price PXL-2000 camcorder

Beverly Gray on PXL THIS 22


PXL THIS 23, the 23rd annual toy camera film festival featuring Pixelvision films made with the Fisher-Price PXL-2000 camcorder, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the audio cassette.

Venice Life Magazine article- PXL THIS 23 - Dec 2013

PXL THIS 24, the 24th annual toy video camcorder film festival - 2014 - featuring Pixelvision films made with the Fisher-Price PXL-2000

Marshall McLuhan-FINNEGANS WAKE Reading Club and Robert Dobbs

Feedforward:  and and

DREAM AWAKE - James Joyce & Experimental Film Screening/Workshop MORE, REVIEWS & FOLLOW-UP


Genuine Fake Films by Gerry Fialka


RIA (aka OUR EYE AYE = Resonant Interval Algorythmns) films & live cinema by Will Erokan & Gerry Fialka

I WANT MY RIA - Fialka's Canyon Cinemagazine article Fall 2013

"Will There Ever Be Silence" - Fialka's Canyon Cinemazine article June 2014

Fialka's OtherZine 9-9-13 article - May Attract Other Coyotes or Putting on Put-Ons


I Think I'm In Something Novey & Fialka's Pixelvision video installation screens from March 1-31, 2014

at The Flint Institute of Arts's Fleckenstein Gallery

Whispering Dee Pixelvision short film by Novey & Fialka


SPONTO LIVES art show Aug 24 - Sept 7, 2013

Return of IT CAME FROM VENICE - Sponto art, music, poetry, dance March 1-15, 2014


Fialka in New Zealand 2008:
SUNNY WAR  - myspace page and 30 min. concert produced by Gerry Fialka on youtube: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Read Michael Simmons' July 17, 2009 LA Weekly "Meet Sunny War" article

Check out SUNNY WAR - Social Suicide CD (2011)
and the video Social Suicide Session
produced by Gerry Fialka and Mark X Farina

View Will Erokan's experimental youtube for Sunny War Instrumental Peter Kubelka eat your heart out.

===San Fran events Oct 2010 - Suzy Williams & Gerry Fialka===

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GERRY in MICHIGAN and NEW MEXICO, March & April 2014

Spread Compliments Day - every March 8 in honor of Dolores Fialka

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